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"Irony has been co-opted by popular culture and has been rendered nearly meaningless. When used for good, however, it is still a force to be reckoned with. Please come to your own conclusions as to who the 'little girl' is."

I am the one making mountains out of molehills
I am the one who is crying when the milk spills
Please don't try to understand my rage
My heart is in the right place - behind my rib cage
I always look a gift horse in the mouth
When I see that shadow I won't come out
I know it won't amount to a hill of beans
But I'd like to show that little girl just what 'ironic' means

Carpet baggers and scalawags
Had better makes their way
The day has come when someone else
Will gladly have their say
You had your chance - now it's mine
And my song escapes me proud
And if your neighbor won't object
Please turn this song up LOUD

All in love ain't fair, nor carnival or feast
No cotton candy, only engine whir and axle grease
More flies with honey, but who wants to fight 'em?
Carpe diem ad infinitum
A watched pot never boils but it's faster
Than one left off the stove by a lazy rich bastard
Don't bite the hand that feeds you they say
Don't feed the mouth that bites you is a better way

Steel yourself for the inventory
To take stock of your mind
Try not to be too surprised
With the little that you find
I raided it a while ago
To make my verbal shroud
And if your neighbor won't object
Please turn this song up LOUD

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