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"Like Ice Cube said - 'Freedom of Speech, just watch what you say...'"

A fool for a cause or a cause for the fool?
It's a fine line
So when toothy grins start baring their teeth
You better make your moves and make them brief
Cuz hulking rulers keep tabs on you
And add weights on
Everything you do

They carve your niche for you for a reason
Even peering over the edge is worse than treason
But everyone must try escaping
Though my every move you will be taping
I won't be bowing and scraping for you.

In this little space where you found me
I can't stand the staggered freedom of the
Box you built around me
It's so fun to watch your cheap anger
When you don't understand how your condescension
Could translate in my rancor
And I can't wear the smile you say will save me
Cuz it don't go with any other worthless thing
You held out at arm's length
And gave me

State my case or case my state?
It's a fine line
So since you can't make such fine distinctions
I have to dodge your heavy-handed extinctions
You may continue to scoff yet
I know my station
And I'm not getting off yet


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