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"An unfair warning - the new epidemic of jes grew has begun."

Now let us dispense of all the present (un)pleasnatries
It's background noise now cause celebre
The concept's grown tired and the delivery's rusted
Tracing all the outlines but never breaking the lines

Now it's background noise to surround the circle
A false separation forced through distinction
Been rendered and have surrendered useless again
Painted in a corner backed down and out

Purely circumstantial
Subsistence without substance
Taken up camp for the night
Just down the road a bit

But now the forecast calls for a new front to move on through
A light in the forest sense through the clutter
Tap-tap-table-tapping waxing idealistic to the thought of
No plan and no model and no laws of motion

A strange dissonance sounding across the distance
Separating what has happened and what is happening
Again and through echoing through the hollow
Spaces where movements are said to grow

Cancel the subscription
And return it to sender
Seek out an opening
Charge toward the light

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