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"How long does it take for your thoughts about your object of desire to turn from 'I wanna take them to dinner' to 'I wanna chain them to a radiator so I know where they are all the time?'"

I want you on a chain so I can drag you in
When I want you nearer
I wanna see you preening and pouting
So it looks like I'm looking in a mirror
I wanna see you shiver when you wake up in the middle of the night
Cuz I got a right

I want you on my tracking system
So I know just where you're going
I want you to stand at attention when I call
Cuz you know where the wind is blowing
I want you armed to the teeth, fists clenched, ready to take up my fight
Cuz I go the right

Man makes time and woman takes breaths
For cheap rewards in little deaths
I want you to admit when you're wrong
I want you to know where you belong

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