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The Epidemic Is Spreading


The epidemic is spreading

Despite feeble efforts to contain it, there is a plague spreading across New York, and soon the nation and the world, of pandemic proportions.

That epidemic's name is Jes' Grew*

This disease is unique in the history of the world. While most illnesses tear you down, this one builds you up. While most cloud your vision, this one clears it like never before. And while most diseases are meant to be feared, this one is meant to be embraced - by the right kind of people.

Symptoms of Jes' Grew include - inability to ingest mediocrity, general nausea caused by the state of modern culture, feverish creative thinking, and uncontrollable shaking of the hips and ass.

While it has yet to be scientifically proven by the Centers for Disease Control, many researchers have linked this sudden outburst to the rise and proliferation of the music of RECORD IGNITE!, a musical group that claims not to be a band so much as they are a viral entity. The self proclaimed Typhoid Mary's of this affliction, it is their stated intent to infect as many people in as little time as possible with Jes' Grew, through live shows, recorded music and the fomenting of political unrest.

Therefore, the Surgeon General cautions you before entering this web site. While it has not been substantially proven that Jes' Grew can be transmitted through the Internet, there are several undocumented cases of normal, upstanding citizens who abandoned otherwise happy lives at work and home to help spread the disease after visiting this very site.

Enter at your own risk, for RECORD IGNITE! are admonishing all and sundry who visit here to


On to Pelham Bay

*"Jes' Grew", as an idea, was first propagated in 1972, in the book Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed. It is thoroughly recommended that you seek it out and read it. Now.