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"When the effort to continue whining far exceeds that needed to stop it, well, the choice is obvious."

I'm trying to sketch a figure
But my mind is drawing a blank
I never tried so hard to get a Miss
As this
And it shows
Like a stain
On a baby's new clothes
I'd like to take a shot
But I'm afraid of the ricochet
She nods and smiles when I speak
But I'm weak
And my grin
Ain't enough
To let me in

But I can't sing that song anymore
I can't play that tune anymore
Those same old changes bore me
I've rigged it so you can't ignore me
And now I'm ready for the kiss-off.

I used to make marks for the points I scored
Just above my smirk
In the lines on my face
But now I know
An hour of action
Is worth a lifetime of good ideas
That I can't trace


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