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With all the beautiful colors out there, it may interest you to know why RECORD IGNITE! chose orange as theirs. Orange happens to be unique in its almost complete absence of daily life. One could go days without seeing it. It is not the essential part of any American inisgnia, icon or uniform. The one notable exception is that of the modern prison uniform. According to our increasingly obsessive penal system, criminals must be singled out, branded and ostracized. The best way to do that is through dress, and since orange is a vibrant yet rare color, that is the one they are made to wear. In light of this, our choice of orange serves two purposes: 1) To show our feelings of imprisonment in an unimaginative, soulless society, and 2) to alert the populace at large that we are dangerous, and you approach us at your peril.

Orange is made up of two primary colors, red and yellow. Red is traditionally the color of anger and passion, overwhelming and unstoppable emotions. It is the color of blood, energy and heat. Yellow, on the other hand, is the color of cowardice, of hesitation and distress. How do these come together then? We keep the red to remind us of our rancor. We keep the yellow to remind us how we once were - how we used to shrink in the face of adversity, and to help us swear we will never back down again. The vibrant mix of the two produces orange, the sore thumb sticking out of your tawdry, tired color scheme.

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