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"The current trend in retro-fixation seems to indicate that cycles of looking backwards get smaller and smaller, ergo death by nostaligia."

Making better doors out of windows
Time is wearing its marks on you
And it shows
Don't make a move
Cuz your favorite song is playing
It's a rut, not a groove
And I'm not staying there

Chop into fine lines
To make a better consensus
Carve a graven image
To help forget about present tenses

The bell shaped curve always rings true
Forget about today and yesterday is great
Through and through
Cuz today's a bore
When Daddy's shirts are pretty
What could you want more?
Fiddle old tunes while the city burns

Paint over grey
With what looks best under rose colored lenses
Mommy and Daddy were right
Looking backward while the present tenses

Ashen faces stuck in alabaster
Forever caught in movement, not moving
Is that how you will be with your dumb, blind pride?
Then that's how we'll die
Like Pompeii
With our faces to the side

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