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Inspired by the spectacle of seeing Fugazi live and the disgust of the current state of music, Matthew Callan asked former members of DISCLAIMER to help him form RECORD IGNITE! in May of 1997. They gladly agreed, and the rest is history. Their goal as a musical collective: to forge songs of labor for the new breed of working man and woman. Their weapon of choice - The unstoppable viral entity known as Jes' Grew. No doubt many of you already know and love them and their sounds. For those of you who need an intro, however, here it is:

ADAM CALLAN: guitar, vocals

Adam Callan, reverently referred to as The Beast, is not a man to be toyed with. Though a gentle giant, he can drop his peaceful tendencies when pushed to the edge. This usually happens at Washingtonville High School, where his philistine classmates mistake his jovial good will for weakness. Outside of this hovel of hideousness, he grinds the axe for RECORD IGNITE!, and he grinds it well, bringing all his blues and funk sensibilities to the forefront. His goal is to get your ass moving and your brain thinking.

MATTHEW CALLAN:bass, lead vocals

Matthew Callan is not a nice person. The permanent scowl on his brow is a mere indication of this fact. His personality is alternately obsequious and abrasive. He has read far too much for his (or anybody else's) good. He should not be placed near an open flame. Still, the power of his words is undeniable, as is his constant struggle to bring the aesthetics of avant-garde harmonics and time signatures to RECORD IGNITE! The other members of the band regard him as one might regard a vagrant who spits out strange but irrefutable truths. His goal is to get you thinking about the way you speak - a means to distract you while he destroys your language.


Joe Eubanks, like many of us, found that he enjoyed pounding things. Unlike most of us, however, he found that he could do it damn good - from an intensity and creativity standpoint. He has put this talent to excellent use by choosing to drum for RECORD IGNITE! He has an uncanny ability to garner percussive inspiration from a number of disparate sources, integrate them into the band's songs and IGNITE them, so to speak. His goal is to pound you with the truth until you scream for cover

RYAN SHANNON:guitar, vocals

Ryan Shannon was a part of two previous Town Hall bands, THE PROM KINGS and DISCLAIMER. As with most of the members RECORD IGNITE!, he was listening to the genre known as punk when most of his class mates were bopping their empty heads to Vanilla Ice. He does not lord it over them, however. In fact, as a controlling capo of Town Hall, it is his duty to spread the word of punk rock to the masses who need it the most. "It is a dirty, thankless job," he admitted after one show, "but I wouldn't have it any other way!" He is responsible for the band's hard edged sound, and its pissed off yet determined demeanor. His goal: to yell right in your face until you love it.

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