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What follows is a brief list of sites for folks that we enjoy and hope you do, too.

The Dischord Records Homepage
The home of many a great band, including (but not limited to) Minor Threat, Fugazi, the Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, the Monorchid, and the list goes on and on.

Tune Up - The miles Davis Page
The greatest trumpet player the world has ever seen. Why are you looking at this when you could be listening to Kind of Blue right now?

A Love Supreme - The John Coltrane Page
If you have it, go put on Giant Steps right now. If you don't have it, you deserve a slap.

The Elvis Costello Home Page The greatest songwriter of the latter quarter of the twentieth century. His aim is true, you know. Elvis is king.

The Tom Waits Digest
Behind the razor-ripped, whiskey soaked voice is the mind of a genius. A damn jazzy genius too.

The Real Frank Zappa Home Page
An otherwordly guitarist, a biting social commentator and one of the twentieth century's best composers. Too good to be true. Find out for yourself.

MST3K Home Page
Click here to see one of the best damn shows of the last ten years. JOIN US!

The Mr. Show Home Page
The funniest sketch comedy to hit the airwaves since Monty Python. The only web site for a TV show with a link to obscure African nations

The Henry Miller Library One of the greatest authors of the twentieth century, on line where no blue nosed censor can touch him. Once you've given up the ghost, everything follows with amazing certainty.

The Inner Ear
Delve into the darkest reaches of Slavic tomfoolery with Yoni Radzin, NYU student, Russian authority, fierce guitarist/songwriter, Inseminator of trees and flinger of pierogies.

The Plague @ NYU
NYUs only intentionally humorous publication. Warning: This site has many evil JAVA traps. Proceed at your own peril.


The Huey P. Newton Foundation
Find out how to stick it to The Man, from The Man who started the trend.

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