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Old culture: stagnant necrophilia

New culture:music in motion

Maybe you are not sure what hardcore soul is. You would not be alone. Maybe you think, "But hardcore is a genre of hardness and soul one of groove and never the twain shall meet." That is where you are wrong, my friend. You should not be faulted for thinking so, however. After all, that is the thought popularly expressed by the old culture, the one that believes in ghettoizing every type of everything into its own neat compartments, forever hindering progress. Luckily for mankind, RECORD IGNITE! has appeared, ready to smash archetypes with depraved abandon.

Maybe you have not heard RECORD IGNITE! and you wish to know how it is that hardcore and soul can be melded. The truth of the matter is that any words used to express the musical process that is RECORD IGNITE! would only cheapen their achievements. We will try, however, to do the best we can. You see, RECORD IGNITE! play with the intensity befitting hardcore, infused with the pure feeling that is soul. What results sounds neither like hardcore nor soul, and that is as it should be. It is the new culture, one that does not have to continually pick bones off of previous generations' zeitgeist carcasses. RECORD IGNITE! has taken on this mission in an effort to spur others to discover their each individual hardcore and soul.

Maybe you think you think because you are white (if you are indeed) you can not achieve a plane of existence known as soul. RECORD IGNITE! believes that ethnic considerations are meaningless. Each and every race, and to be more specific, each and every person, has their own brand of soul. Many white bands and/or songwriters - e.g. Fugazi, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, etc. each have soul of their own brands. It is not exclusive to the 'minorities' of our nation. They only seem to have it in abundant quantities because they are continually made to suffer. You too can discover this state within yourself. It is not easy, however. You must tap into those regions of the spirit which are not easy to face. When have you been persecuted? Shit on? Ignored? Find these areas, turn them inside out in a fit of righteous anger and you have soul.

Maybe you think because your father didn't lend you the car this weekend, you have suffered and therefore have soul. You need to look harder. Hardcore soul is not for the weak of stomach or conviction. If you are either of the two (or both) you will never achieve it, and when you hear it, it will undoubtedly disturb you and you will retreat to the safety of comatose genres. That is your perogative. RECORD IGNITE! will not wait for you.

Maybe you have thought all these things and more.

Maybe you need to think again

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