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"Some people do a very good imitation of life. Flash your headlights and just try to wake them up, please."

Living from yawn to yawn
On the lawn
Of a tired house
It's the same old song
Dreaming your life away
It's okay
If you never wake up
It'll be a glad day

Get up without getting up
It sure looks peaceful
But it's nothing I wanna be

You're not quite all right there
But I dare
Say you do a good imitation of being aware
You look almost alert
In the dirt
With your life support coming
Straight through your t-shirt

Feet forward, eyes closed
Keep wearing those pajamas
You know they suit you well

Did you hear me yelling?
Didn't mean to startle you
Didn't mean to make you feel so delirious
Maybe one day you'll have a near life experience

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