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"There are some people you love so much that, after a certain point, you have to get the hell away from them for the sake of your sanity."

Standing at a safe distance
Far behind the yellow line
Cuz when you pull into the station
I will use all concentration

I only lost my nerve
When I thought you could be mine
So now I got no one to blame
When I hear another name

Painted smirk and fractured sense
Filling your head with thought after thought
Watching you from the other side of the fence
You're wearing a hat that I bought
When you say he's a wonderful man
I wanna be the Cain to his Abel
Please don't reach out your lovely hand
If it's gonna stay above the table

I know you love this nodding gelding
This slumping doll you call a 'friend'
But I been chipping at the welding
And I won't be 'round to see this again
I know it might make it quite upsetting
But all good things must come to an end
So unless there's more I'll be getting
I just won't be 'round to see this again

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